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The Catch

Pinstriped Hearts on Our Sleeves

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With the raw power of punk, sensibility of pure pop, intoxicating dance beat of new wave, and a heart full of rock'n'roll, The Catch right the sonic wrongs, save the harmonic day, and plant a permanent grin on your face.

The Catch has been years in the making. They are the product of a pan-governmental organization so secret even its members aren't aware of their own existence. The plan: to develop a bulwark against musical suckitude. Developed independently over years by such groups as F.A.M.I.L.Y. and F.R.I.E.N.D.S., they were honed to perfection and then released into the wilds of the Seattle music scene. Slowly, as if by coincidence, the four paths overlapped at shows and through common friends. Irresistibly drawn to each other, each began to play music until the final piece fell into place. At last they were The Catch, a rootin'-tootin' fightin' foxy female foursome, using their trashy decadent elegance to shake you down.

They are: Carly Nicklaus: Hard-driving guitarist and vocalist with a heart of gold.
Amy Rockwell: Tough-as-nails keyboardist with a heart of gold.
Jenny Jiménez: Sassy bassist with a heart of gold.
Alissa Newton: Wild card mistress of the skins with a heart of gold... and drumsticks.

Although no one yet knows the full extent of their powers, they have begun to fight the musical fight in such places as Seattle's Crocodile Cafe, Chop Suey, Graceland and The Vera Project alongside other musical warriors The Divorce, The Thermals, The Bangs, and The Pale