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so there is more traffic this week than anticipated, but you love us anyway, right?

the catch is back... back again.

hi lovers of the catch~

so just when you thought we had moved to iceland to become famous... HA you were wrong! we have been here all along secretly planning all the fun things you will be doing this spring. i bet you are just DYING to know what they are?!?

well here is a list...
not in order of importance, but in order of randomness:

1. we have just been nominated for the seattle weekly music awards in the pop/ pop rock section. your job (being the dedicated fans that you are) is to go to this link:


and vote for us.

2. on friday, april 29th at 8:30 am (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH), we will be playing the end mornnig show. that is 107.7 of course and YES... 8:30 in the morning. your job (being the dedicated fans that you are) is to set your alarm and tune in. look... i will be working until 3:00am the night before. lame. if i can do it, so can you. misery loves company.

3. on tuesday, may 3rd our debut full length-GET COOL- will be released in record stores. your job (being the dedicated fans that you are) is to go and buy it. if the record store you go to does not carry it, throw a child-like temper tantrum right in the middle of the store. then after you calm down a bit, tell them they need to "GET COOL" or you won't shop there anymore.

4. we now have a booking agent. please stop bugging us and e-mail him instead. ha ha just kidding. but here is his e-mail if there are any shows you would like us to play:

5. in late may/ early june, we will be embarking on a tour to support our new relase. we will be visiting: MN, IL, MI, OH, PA, MA, NY, DC, NC, GA, TX, AZ, CA, and OR. if any of these state abreviations sound familiar to you, we just may be playing in YOUR city!!! we will keep you posted as we find out more info. just be prepared to take about 3 weeks off so you can follow us and carry our equipment.

6. last but not least....
upon our return from our tour, we will be playing a CD release show/ homecoming show. this is basically a party. it's kind of like our "coming of age" party... so bring us presents. or just your presence would be lovely as well.
we will let you know when and where as we get closer to the date!!!!

okay so... thanks for putting up with this really long e-mail. we will hopefully be seeing a lot of you these next couple of months!!!!

hugs and kisses~
the catch

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